Admissions Policy

  1. We have 54 full time places for children.

    The Nursery will adhere to any requirements that may be imposed by the London Borough of Islington Under Fives Education Department.

    These include the following:

    • Places will be prioritised to Islington residents.
    • We welcome application from receipt of family tax credit.
    • Places should not be allocated according to length of time on the admissions list.
    • Priority should be given to siblings.
    • All places are to be prioritised for working or studying families.
    • Places are to be allocated according to the number of places available within each age band.
    • Places are to be allocated according to the type of provision available, ie full-time or part-time.

    Other factors to be taken into account when allocating places are as follows:

    • The specific cognitive, physical, emotional, linguistic or special educational needs and family circumstances of children applying.
    • Children “at risk”, or the sibling of a child “at risk”.
    • Children deemed by the Council to be “in need”.
    • At all times equal opportunities are to be applied.

    The Islington education department determine the criteria for allocating nursery places.

    Following submission of your completed application form it is filed according to your child’s date of birth in the admissions folder. We are always at our maximum capacity and places are allocated throughout the year only when families leave the nursery however the September intake is usually larger as this coincides with the school allocation process.

    Places are filled according to the age vacancy available i.e the baby unit (under 2 years) 2-3 years (blue room) or 3-5 years (green room). Other criteria include the type of place available i.e funded or non-funded (which is decided by family income and borough) and the specific number of days available ie, 2, 3 or 5.

    Some families can be given a priority place according to specific circumstances these include siblings, families deemed by a doctor, health visitor or social worker (referral required) to be ‘in need’ and children with other specific learning needs. Additional priority can be given to children in receipt of the 2yr early learning grant (places permitting).

    A full copy of Islington Education Authority Under Fives Admission Policy is held in the Nursery office.

    Highbury Community Nursery