About the Yellow Room

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    In Yellow Room we believe all babies are natural learners with imagination, creativity, curiosity and above all ability and we provide an environment that nurtures and enhances these aspects of each child individually.
    Our primary task is to support and nurture babies to grow from totally dependent infants through to their first steps and to build their feelings of trust, security and attachment. By focusing on developing relationships between each baby and their keyperson we help lay the foundation for future learning.
    We look for learning opportunities in everyday routines as well as providing a range of activities for babies to freely explore. We absolutely love getting messy and provide a variety of messy play and tactile based activities such as painting, gluing, gloop, cornflour, foam, play dough, water, sand, soil, custard, play snow, ice, coloured pasta/noodles, clay, plasticine, cooking, heuristic play and treasure baskets.
    For physical development we provide soft play and dance and movement sessions, we also encourage climbing, running and jumping.
    We make lots of noise exploring musical instruments (and anything else we can bang), singing and baby sign. For quieter moments we read and relax in our cosy area.
    Staff are warm, friendly and playful and are always on hand for a cuddle.