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In the Moment Planning

At Highbury nursery we aim for children to:

  • Be safe and confident, risk-takers & mess makers
  • Have high levels of confidence, emotional and physical wellbeing, health and security
  • Learn through their own independent child-initiated play showing unique ‘Spark’ moments
  • Be spontaneous and dynamic life-long learners
  • Feel valued as an individual in an environment where equal opportunity and inclusion is embedded

We do this by:

  • Providing a solid learning foundation. A challenging wonderland of creativity and fun that promotes motivation, fascination, and inspiration.
  • Providing a keyperson system that ensures a nurturing, healthy, safe, and fully inclusive environment enabling children to self-regulate, reflect and have a secure base to thrive. Each child is valued as autonomous individuals celebrating their individual achievements.
  • Nurturing children’s natural desire to learn, explore and problem solve by providing quality open ended resources to enable them to demonstrate their own ‘Sparks’ (interests), supported by a highly skilled team of Practitioners.
  • Ensuring an early holistic approach enabling meaningful experiences throughout life. Working together with parents/carers in all areas of their child’s development to enable us as a partnership to provide the best possible start for children working within the EYFS.
  • Make equal opportunity and inclusion a thread, which runs through the entirety of the nursery, including staff, children, and their families. By encouraging positive role models, promoting non-stereotypical images and language, challenging all discriminatory behaviour, and ensuring that we continually update our knowledge.

Here, we encourage planning in the moment and we feel we meet all the above through this. This curriculum is accessible to all children including SEN children, to enable them to plan their environment areas rather than the activities the children do, to allow for individual choice and an opportunity to become deeply engaged. The children have constant opportunities throughout the day to explore and investigate in all the different areas dependent on their current interests. Our Practitioners participate and extend on the children’s learning and development. We encourage the children to think critically and change and adapt the uses for the resources they are using. We develop on the children’s interests, threading learning, with skilled practitioners planning the environment and incorporating teaching elements. This is an ongoing journey that never stops, scaffolding with the child and developing their needs.