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 Baby Massage and Sign and Learn  

At Highbury Community Nursery, we have been running successful Baby Massage Courses for 10 years.

Baby Massage is a pleasurable experience for parents and their baby and has many benefits which may include:

enhances bonding through nurturing touch
aids relaxation
promotes better sleep
helps digestion and may relieve colic
improves sensory stimulation
parent and baby can do the strokes at anytime

The total course cost is £30 for the 5 week course. The course is for a group of 3 parents with their baby, so there are limited spaces & booking is essential. There is a Monday morning and Monday afternoon course.

Please email Cathy for further details and to book a place .


At Highbury Community Nursery, we have been running successful Makaton Sign and Learn Courses for many years.

Sign & Learn enables babies from as young as six months to communicate their needs effectively, thus reducing frustration. It helps parents and carers to focus on key words, which when accompanied with signs, greatly aid understanding even before children themselves can form the signs. It is a fun way of interacting with babies and toddlers, they will amaze you by how fast they learn and you will realise just how much they know long before they could ever have used speech to tell you.

Sign & Learn is a fun singing session which incorporates Makaton signs for parents to learn and use throughout the day with their baby.

The course runs on a Tuesday from 10.45-11.30 for 5 weeks at a total cost of £20.

Please contact Cathy for further details or to book a place .