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Preschool Room

The Green Room children are aged on average between 3 and 5 years. In the green room, the ratio is 1:8 or 1:13 depending on the qualifications of the staff with the children at the time and the room leader ensures ratios are kept through the day. This room operates slightly differently to the other rooms as the children are at a different stage of learning. Here, the children are encouraged to use their problem solving skills and independence at every stage of the day. We encourage them to piece together their previous learning, we give them lots of thinking time and we always ask open ended questions to allow the children to find their own solutions.

Our teacher works specifically with the older children supporting them through play in preparing them for school. She observes their interests, taps into these interests and develops their skills. She uses basic levels of phonics and works with the child, extending as the child dictates, she develops dexterity as part of the initial stages of writing. Together the staff work out the different styles of learning for the children and develop it accordingly.

We have extra classes for the children that want to participate such as Sports School, which enhances the children’s physical development, problem solving skills and working together as a team.

We also have language classes such as French, with other classes in Spanish and German from time to time. All classes are voluntary and supportive of our continuous provision.

We also have themes from time to time such as Chicks at Easter time and visiting animals such as reptiles, these all combine to keep the nursery interesting and developing all the time. We also encourage the parents to get involved, participating in events, doing cooking, reading, creative activities, music and dance sessions with the children.