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Toddler Room

The Blue Room is for children aged from 18 months to 2 years, it has a ratio of 1:3 for the under 2’s and 1:4 for the over 2’s. Children transition from room to room, not just based on their age, but also on their cognitive and emotional development as well as physical stage of development. Transitions are very flexible and based on the child and their individual needs and wellbeing.

The environment is set up to develop the child as an individual, building on their self esteem, allowing them to make choices and decisions about what they want to do and who they want to do it with, the staff join in with the children allowing the child to take the lead in activities. Adults enhance these activities by extending on resources and developing discussions and open ended questions to enhance the child’s learning. The blue room also has a large cosy area, which is often helpful to support children who spend a large part of their day with us.

The children learn the rules of the stairs and with constant adult reinforcement, can manage the stairs safely and independently with confidence.